11/1923 English cv to Haifa frank 1½ d marked framed T & upon arrival boxed "To Pay 10 Mils", Taxed 1st P. Dues 2 + 8m (D2 + D4) tied by Haifa pmk 30 NO 23, annulled w/large  cachet "Tax Not Collected...", handwritten Unclaimed on front. Cv is addressed to a lady "c/o The Post Office..." - like a Poste-Restante Service - back has 14 Haifa pmks (same type) all diff. dates! as Post tried every few days, unsuccessfully, to collect the Post Due until 30 JA 24 - last pmk exactly 2 months after 1st taxation - similar to the

P. Restante maximum Period! finally to Jerusalem R.L.O. –

5 FE 24 pmk on front; a f - vf GEM!

Sold For: $1,000
Sale date: 
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 20:00

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