Lot #679 - AUTOGRAPHS, PHOTOGRAPHS & POSTCARDS (see also #440 & 642)

CHAGALL MARC handwritten 1 page letter in Yiddish from Paris 10.1.1933, his signature is the early one without the 2 Hebrew letter Alef which he adopted later, mailed to Talpir in Tel Aviv, who was the editor of the periodical for art matters Gazit. Chagall is sending him materials & writes that although he is a Jew he is facing up with the pure problems of art (probably meaning don't call me a Jewish artist - Y.T.). He also mentions his good relations with M. Dizengof (TLV's Mayor) and writes that he received from him a lot of materials (probably for an exhibition - Y.T.); 2 filing holes at top, folded, fine

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