Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #43

The enclosed list of Prices Realized of our Nov. 2015 Auction again reveals another fine set of results, demonstrating a continuing strong and steady demand for better philately.
This our 43rd Auction is well balanced with many important offerings.
We start with the 2 Collections:
1948 DOAR IVRI – 5th part – Intrn. Large Gold
ISRAEL 1948 – Early Foreign Postal Links
Many specialties merit special attention, few of which are: Foreign Stamps, Turkish Forerunners, Palestine Stamps, 1948 Interim, Doar Ivri, 
1st P. Dues, 1948 1st Festivals, Dreyfus Affair, JNF issues, Zionist Congresses, Anti-Semitism and Holocaust mail & Coins and Banknotes.
All the specialties are listed in the detailed Table of Contents.
Please FAX your final bids to avoid delays. Bidders are requested to include their FAX and telephone numbers and/or email addresses on their bid sheets. 
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Consignments can also be submitted by Mr. Gary Theodore, office phone
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 Fax: 732-229-4805
With all good and sincere wishes, 
YACOV TSACHOR  - Director & Philatelist
ZVI ALONI  - Philatelist

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Lot #: 71

OUTGOING: 13 May 1948 cv from TLV to a Jew. internee in Special Camp Gilgil - Kenya forwarded by air to Cyprus by the "La'assireynu Emergency Post", cachet in Violet dated 13 May 1948 on both sides, frank 11pi Cyprus stps for air mail & posted by Louis Agency Limassol (Violet cachet), stps cancelled LIMASSOL / CYPRUS 20 MAY 48, intercepted by the Egyptians, censored & allowed to proceed, GILGIL - KENYA 31 MY 48 arrival pmk; vert centerfold & light peripheral faults, fine & Very Rare, certif Muentz: "of the 40 cvs that reached the Camp via Cyprus very few survived"

[CV ]
Start: $1,000 Sold For: $2,400
Lot #: 72

RARITY: The front cover of the book "Israel 1948 Foreign Postal Links" - commerc cv Tel Aviv to Paris forwarded by the correspondents of the Louis Agency (presumably Peltours, TLV) to Cyprus, stamped on back in Violet LOUIS AGENCY / Head Office / POB 100 / LIMASSOL, CYPRUS, franked w/2 Cyprus stps tied by LIMASSOL / CYPRUS 20 MAY 48, marked at destination (4 times) "Unknown" & stamped "Return to Sender", both in French. Stamped in Cyprus RETURNED LETTER OFFICE / NICOSIA 28 JY 48 on back & LIMASSOL 30 JY 48 on face, w/addit. Israeli cachet NO SERVICE / RETURN TO SENDER in Violet, finally returned to sender in TLV via regular mail 10m D. Ivri stp tied by TEL AVIV 11 8 1948 (repeated on both Cyprus stps); fine for such a much traveled cv, an Exhibition Showpiece, certif Muentz & Tsachor - Aloni

[CV ]
Start: $2,500 Sold For: $4,200
Lot #: 73

H.Q.3 CAMP / DATE 28 JAN 1948 / STAFFS (SPECIAL) CYPRUS, vf 3 lines cachet tying 2pi Cyprus stp to cv from Camp 70 to Kfar Sold, Doar Rosh Pinna - Palestine, sent by Mizrachi member via CID - AIG, arrival pmk ROSH PINNA 29 FE 48; scattered light toning, fine

[CV ]
Start: $200 Sold For: $200
Lot #: 74

Cyprus Camp 62 - cv addr to Haifa franked 2pi Cyprus stp tied by KARAOLOS FE 23 48 pmk, on top left the framed cachet in Hebrew: "Security Operation / Karaolos Camps", presumably applied at the Camp; vert centerfold, roughly opened at right, part of back missing, fine, certif Muentz, a Rare cachet

[CV ]
Start: $250 Sold For: $250
Lot #: 75

19 AP 48 cv from Cyprus to Budapest - Hungary franked 4pi KGVI Cyprus stps, sent from Famagusta, on back JNF label (Kaplove #198x) tied by 2 framed cachets in Hebrew: "Office of the Jewish National Fund for the Cyprus Deportees", Budapest arrival pmks 7 & 8.5.48; f - vf, certif Muentz

[CV ]
Start: $400 Buy
Lot #: 76

Camp 69 - boxed cachet in Hebrew on face of cv mailed to Rehovot - Palest., franked 2pi Cyprus stp tied by British FPO 164 - 22 AP 48 pmk, cv taken by a British soldier from the Camp & posted at the FPO, on back NICOSIA 22 AP 48 pmk, "SERVICE SUSPENDED" Red cachet, cv transferred to Nicosia R.L.O - 8 MY 48 pmk & finally couriered to Israel by the "Committee for Cyprus Detainees - 23 AUG 1948" circ. cachet on back; vert centerfold, scattered spots, fine & Rare, the only Recorded cv sent from a Cyprus detainee via a British FPO

[CV ]
Start: $450 Sold For: $880
Lot #: 77

Stampless Courier cv from Nicosia to TLV brought to Israel by "The Committee for Cyprus Detainees" Violet Pictorial cachet on front & back, posted in TLV w/a 10m D. Ivri stp tied by TEL AVIV 16.6.1948 pmk; a rubbed place at bottom, fine, certif Muentz, this Pictorial cachet in contrary to the dated bridge type cachet is Rarely found on Courier cvs

[CV ]
Start: $400 Sold For: $870




Mi   -  Michel – Europe & Overseas

SG   -  Stanley Gibbons – Great Britain Commonwealth & Middle East

Sc    -  Scott

Lot #: 78

AUSTRIAN POST IN THE HOLY LAND: 4 Soldi pc (imptd) pmkd JERUSALEM (St. 542) 26/3 (1875) mailed to Berlin, message in Jerus same date; vf & scarce

[PC ]
Start: $180 Sold For: $210
Lot #: 79

JERUSALEM / GERUSALEMME (St. 543) 2 cpl pmks 24-12-80 tying 2x10sld stps to Registered cv correct rate, straight line RECOM (St. 556) #28 mailed to Hamburg endorsed: Per Triest - Wien - Berlin, German Registry label added: "Vom Auslande... Berlin...", Hamburg arr pmk & 5 wax seals on back; vf

[CV ]
Start: $400 Sold For: $400
Lot #: 80

1898 O & M Perfins - Observatoire et Musee. These were made for the 1898 Jerus Scientific Exhibition. Cv frank 2pi Aust. Levant w/the Perfins tied to imptd stationery cv: "Ville de Jerusalem 1898 / Exposition - Concours Universel..." by pmk JERUSALEM OESTER. POST 1/5/99 arrival in France - SEURRE 11 MAI 99. The Expos. label affixed to back; scattered toning o/w fine & Rare, certif Collins: "Only 2 cvs known to me, the other shown Steichele p. 307." We are in the opinion that the cv mentioned by Collins is dated as above cv & not as listed in the book, certif Tsachor - Aloni

[CV ]
Start: $250 Sold For: $250