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Lot #: 61

16 APR 1948 - Tel Aviv Dispatch FD of the Service to RLZ vf strike tying 40m local stp pos 10 (bottom right corner), Express cv addr to RLZ, on back 18 APR 1948 arr pmk; vf & Rare as only 10 FD cvs were made according to Blake & Steinberg, signed Tsachor, certif Tsachor - Aloni

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Lot #: 62

23 APR 1948 - Tel Aviv dispatch pmk tying 40m local stp pos 9 (Broken Flag var.) to cv addr to Nachlat Yehuda, on back transit RLZ 23 APR 1948 local pmk & Nachlat Yehuda bilingual box cachet as arr pmk; light toning o/w vf & unusual

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Start: $500 Sold For: $1,100

1948 SAFED

Lot #: 63

THE MANDATE POST: Late Incoming Mail: 31 JA 48 commerc Registered cv from Barclays Bank in Haifa to Safed Klinger's Bank, arr pmk Mandate d.c. SAFAD 5 FE 48, ACRE transit s.c. 2 FE 48, late incoming mail - Safed's post office closed on 28 FE 48; roughly opened back flap, f - vf

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Lot #: 64

Latest Recorded Incoming Mandate mail to Safed - 24 FE 48 Registered commerc cv from Bank Kupat Am "Tel Aviv 16" to Safed - Klinger Bank, properly frank 25m Mandate stps, arr pmk Mandate s.c. SAFAD 27 FE 48, Haifa transit 25 FE 48; 5m stp partly off, fine & Rare, illust. in JSPS p. 321, certif Tsachor - Aloni, Safed's p. office closed the next day!

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Start: $1,500 Sold For: $2,500
Lot #: 65

Outgoing Siege cv from Safed - sent by Y. Gross the staff officer for Civilian Affairs in Safed on 25.4.48 using a used envelope, it was sent to Yigal Allon - Commander of the Palmach - Kibbutz Ginossar, the cv was brought via the lines to Mount Canaan and then to Ginossar arrival confirmed in hand written notation "Received Fruchter 25.4.48", the secret name of Commander Yigal Allon was concealed by brown paper attached by Express labels; f - vf & the only Recorded, illust. in JSPS p. 326/7, certif Tsachor - Aloni

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Start: $4,000 Sold For: $8,936
Lot #: 66

THE LOCAL ISSUE: 10m local PROOF of Sett I Type 3 Imperforate printed on the White side of the Safed envelope paper, back shows full clear Offset Print of the stp; light horiz fold in top margin & 1 spot, vf & Very Rare, signed Tsachor

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Lot #: 67

10m Imperforate top marginal single w/huge top margin, Sett I Type 3; diagonal fold o/w vf & Very Rare, signed Hoexter & Tsachor

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Lot #: 68

Rarity: 10m local Vertical Tete-Beche Gutter Pair Sett I Type 2 on the Blue background paper w/o gum as issued, margins at top & bottom, from an Uncut perforated sheet - the Gutter is Imperf in the center; vf & Very Rare, Top Exhibition item, a similar item is illustrated in JSPS p. 338, signed Dr. K. Sela & Tsachor, certif Tsachor - Aloni, this is probably the finest T. Beche pair that we have offered

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Start: $3,500 Sold For: $4,725
Lot #: 69

10m local Sett II top left corner Horiz Pair full Gutters at right, Type 4 (* stps), on back the Black Imprint of Type 1 from the trial printing of the Safed Entire cv; unused, vf & Rare, signed Gotlieb & Tsachor

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Start: $500 Sold For: $500
Lot #: 70

Safed FDC 4 MAY 1948 the rectangular pmk vf strike in Carmine-Red tying 10m local stp Sett I Type 3 to Anglo-Palest. Bank cv addr to Kfar Ganim - Petach Tiqva. The box strike & the dater are of the same ink color, pmk was in use for 2 days only; addressee's name covered, f - vf, signed Tsachor

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Start: $800 Sold For: $800