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1948 JERUSALEM (incl. local issues, Flown, Couriers, Pmks, etc.)

Lot #: 41

THE 14 & 15 JULY: Cv from Jerusalem to Ramat Gan franked 18m Doar Ivri stps & 10m 2nd local issue (18m was the rate for registered printed-matter - cv endorsed "registered" at top left) all tied by Israeli trilingual pmk "JERUSALEM 4" WITHOUT the DATE SLUG as these for 14 & 15 July did not arrive to Jerusalem. Later in the day of the 14 a rubber dater was used w/the pmk, the letter was sent as regular & not registered mail due to the lack of the date; light toning, fine & Very Rare as currently 5 cvs recorded w/o the date slug, certif Tsachor - Aloni, illust. in JSPS p. 270

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Lot #: 42

14 JULY 1948 - Rubber dater instead of the metal date slug in the Israeli pmk JERUSALEM4 tying 10m D. Ivri to ex Hadassa Med. Organiz. to TLV, as the original metal slugs for the 14 & 15 July did not arrive to the city this rubber device was used as of the 14 before noon till the 15 noon when replaced by the metal slugs; staightened at top & small back flap tear, f - vf & Very Rare as only a handful of cvs recorded, certif Tsachor - Aloni, see JSPS p. 270

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Start: $1,400 Sold For: $3,465
Lot #: 43

15 JULY 1948 - 10m Doar Ivri rouletted (Sc3a) tied to commerc cv addr to TLV by dateless trilingual pmk "JERUSALEM1" w/single line 15 JULY 1948 rubber dater, the metal slugs for the trilingual pmks arrived only on 15 July noon resulting in 14 & 15 July rubber daters in Jerusalem; vert centerfold & light toning, fine & Very Rare as very few cvs recorded, certif Muentz & Tsachor, see JSPS p. 270

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Start: $1,500 Sold For: $3,150
Lot #: 44

15 7 1948 - JERUSALEM1 Israeli trilingual pmk w/metal date slug on cv locally addr franked 10m Mandate stp (SG97) demonetized as of 16.5.1948, encircled but not taxed, the metal slugs of 15 July were used only in the afternoon, cvs handled before noon of 15 July are known w/rubber line dater; roughly opened at top o/w vf & Rare, certif Tsachor

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Lot #: 45

Incoming mail to Jerusalem - cv from TLV to the Jewish Agency franked 10m D. Ivri stp tied by TEL-AVIV 18.6.48 trilingual pmk, in Jerus redirected to the Army HQ arrival pmk "M-K. JERUSALEM 27 JUN 1948" on front; vert centerfold, light toning, fine, illust. in JSPS p. 146

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Lot #: 46

2 cvs same corresp. from a Tel Aviv lawyer to a Jerus Resort House: a) By "Taxi Aviv" w/their hnstp tying 5m Koffer Hayishuv label; b) Incoming Courier frank by him 10m 2nd Local Issue (w/Lake variety) tied by the "Liberation" provis. pmk date Unclear - this was in 26 - 28 May 1948, dropped in a post office in Jerus; folded & light toning, fine (x2), Incoming Couriers are scarcer than outgoing

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Lot #: 47

Nahariya 2nd Slogan First Day 23 MAR 1948 - 2 superb strikes front & back of commerc cv to Tel Aviv, 10m Mandate tied by Haifa double circle pmk 26 MR 48 return address is at front left; vf & Rare slogan in use for 2 days only this being 1 of the finest cvs we have seen, certif Tsachor

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Lot #: 48

Rarity: 2nd Slogan - 2nd Day 24 MAR 1948 vf strike on front of family corresp. pc ex Nahariya to Rehovot franked 10m Mandate stp (#97) tied by HAIFA 26 MR 48 pmk (average strike); few light spots o/w vf & Very Rare Slogan used for 2 days only, 2nd day much scarcer than 1st day, signed Tsachor, certif Tsachor - Aloni

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Lot #: 49

30 MAR 1948 - vf 3rd Slogan type A strike on back of cv to the USA franked 65m Mandate stps (15 + 50m) correct air mail rate posted in HAIFA 2 AP 48, Return to the Sender as "Addressee not known"; cv roughly opened at top & opened for display, scattered toning o/w fine for a much traveled item

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Lot #: 50

6 APR 1948 - 4th Slogan vf strike front & back of cv to TLV, front Slogan tying 5m Koffer Hayishuv label, franked 10m (3 + 7m) Mandate stps tied by pmk HAIFA d.c. 11 AP 48; light toning, fine

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