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1948 SAFED

Lot #: 71

10m local Sett II cpl pane of 6 stps full margins all around types 4, 5 & 6 (2 stps of each), Vertically Double Perf Between Stps, 3 vf strikes of the local large pmk in Carmine dated 14 MAY 1948; vf & Very Rare, signed Dr. Sela & Tsachor, a striking SHOWPIECE, illust. JSPS p. 348

[O ]
Start: $1,200 Sold For: $1,200
Lot #: 72

10m local stp Sett II Type 5 tied to the Safed TRIAL Imprinted Stationery by the large local pmk 6 MAY 1948 FD addr. to Haifa, part of the stamp is folded over to show the Trial imprint; addressee's name covered, very light soiling, fine most unusual showing that the Entire Essay was not adopted & not valid as postage, signed Tsachor, certif Tsachor - Aloni

[CV ]
Start: $1,000 Buy
Lot #: 73

Between 2 Besieged Cities - Safed 6 MAY 1948 large local pmk in Carmine (FD) tying 10m local stp Sett II Type 4 to cv to Jerusalem arr pmk M. Ha'am Rosette vf strike on back, the cv was delivered from Safed to TLV after the 15th May and then Flown by Military plane to Jerusalem arriving about 20 May as shown by the early stage of the Rosette pmk; vf & Rare, appx 12 such cvs exist this 1 of the finest, signed Tsachor, certif Tsachor - Aloni

[CV ]
Start: $1,800 Sold For: $2,100
Lot #: 74

Last Day of the Local Safed Post - 10m local Sett II Type 4 tied to cv addr. to Jerusalem by the local large pmk dated 19 MAY 1948 Last Day of Use. On 20 May 1948 the Minhelet Ha'am pmk came into use in Safed instead of this pmk. On back of the 10m local stp is the Black imprint of Type 1 from the Trial printing of the Safed stationery making this an Extremely Rare item; roughly opened top & cv reinforced, signed Muentz & Tsachor, illust. in JSPS p. 359

[CV ]
Start: $1,500 Sold For: $1,500
Lot #: 75

ISRAELI POST: 10m Doar Ivri stp tied to cv addr. to Herzlia, by the large local pmk in Carmine dated 18 MAY 1948, as this pmk went out of use on the 19th of May this combination of a Doar Ivri stp & the large local pmk was possible for 4 days only; f - vf & Rare, signed Tsachor

[CV ]
Start: $900 Buy
Lot #: 76

RARITY: Registered cv No. in Hebrew Manuscript "Safed No. 4" in pencil at top franked 25m M. Ha'am stps tied by the reintroduced M. Ha'am pmk in Carmine-Violet dated 20 MAY 1948 FD of use of this pmk (in use 20 May - 26 June), on back transit TIBERIAS d.c. Mandate pmk 24 MY 48 & TLV arr 25.5.1948 Israeli trilingual pmk. This is the Earliest Recorded Registered cv from Safed w/M. Ha'am pmks; vf & Extremely Rare SHOWPIECE, illust. in JSPS p. 375, signed Tsachor, certif Tsachor - Aloni

[CV ]
Start: $5,000 Sold For: $7,875
Lot #: 77

MAJOR EXHIBITION ITEM: Registered commerc cv - Mandate Registry label "Safed No. 2377" franked 25m Doar Ivri stps, tied by the reintroduced M. Ha'am pmk in Carmine-Violet repeated twice on back (pmk in use 20 May - 26 June) & dated 20 JUNE 1948, on back 3 seals of AP Bank - Safed, transit pmks Mandate s.c. ROSH PINNA 21 JU 48 & TIBERIAS 22 JU 48; light toning o/w vf & Very Rare, 1 of 7 Recorded cvs, illust. in "Safed - Ben David" p.141, a sister cv was sold in our Dec 2012 auction for a total of $13,000, signed Tsachor, certif Tsachor - Aloni

[CV ]
Start: $5,000 Sold For: $8,500
Lot #: 78

A MILESTONE: SAFAD 29 JU 48 Mandate Double Circle reintroduced pmk tying D. Ivri 10m stp to the official stationery of the Safed Municipality commerc cv mailed to Haifa. Pmk in use 27 - 30 JUNE 1948, Extremely Rare as only 4 cvs w/this pmk recorded, this being the only "Official Mail"; roughly opened at left, light soiling mainly on back, fine EXHIBIT ITEM. Also same stationery & 10m D. Ivri franking but tied on 16.8.1948 by the SAFED Israeli pmk - this vf, certif Tsachor - Aloni

[CV ]
Start: $4,000 Sold For: $9,450
Lot #: 79

M. Ha'am Incoming mail to Safed - Registered commerc cv franked 25m M. Ha'am stps & cancelled by TLV M. Ha'am pmk addr. to Klinger Bank in Safed, reached Rosh Pinna & transferred to Safed, on back Rosh Pinna M. Ha'am pmk; vf & Rare incoming mail to Safed delivered to the addressee during the functioning of the Safed Local Post - 4 cvs recorded, signed Tsachor

[CV ]
Start: $900 Sold For: $925
Lot #: 80

Incoming mail - 13 MAY 1948 Registered family corresp. cv from TLV franked 50m M. Ha'am stp (Ba 27) cancelled by M. Ha'am TEL-AVIV pmk repeated on back, addressed to Safed, transit ROSH PINNA 4 JU 48 s.c. Mandate pmk & arr SAFED M. Ha'am in Carmine-Violet pmk, as addressee Unknown cv was returned transit HAIFA 7.6.1948 & arr TLV 8.6.1948 Israeli trilingual pmks; toned

[CV ]
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