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Lot #: 51

Incoming Mail: 12 APR 1948 - 10c USA Airletter from Texas to Kibbutz Yechi'am, Nahariya Post, 10m Yellow local delivery label affixed upon arrival tied by M. Ha'am Nahariya pmk; vf, Nahariya handled the Post of all the settlements in the Upper Western Galilee, signed Tsachor

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Lot #: 52

THE MANDATE POST: 1947 High franking Registered Envelope RE 17-1 from Rishon Le Zion 18 SP 47 to New York total franking 665m Mandate stps (50 + 100 + 2x250m) to pay the 10 times air mail rate of 65m + 15m registration, as addressee refused to accept Returned to Rishon Le Zion 14.9.1948 Israeli trilingual pmk on back, cv opened by USA Customs & resealed; light toning, fine cv between 3 Postal Authorities returned a year after dispatch

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Start: $500 Sold For: $1,100
Lot #: 53

Late Mandate pmks - 2 cvs: a) Incoming Registered air mail 12.3.48 from Wien to RLZ, on back transit Lydda Airport 24 MR 48 & arr RLZ s.c. 25 MR 48 pmk; b) Registered cv #2690 Rishon Le Zion to Haifa 31 MR 48 pmk repeated twice on back & transit TLV same day, cv shortened at right & light toning; a - vf, b - fine (x2)

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Lot #: 54

27 AP 48 TEL-AVIV d.c. Mandate pmk tying 20m Mandate stps (2x6+8m) + 3 JNF labels (n0t M. Ha'am stps) EXPRESS cv addr. to RLZ, as underfranked by 30m marked "To Pay" but tax not collected. Arrival pmk RISHON LE ZION 29 AP 48 - Last Day of Operations of the Mandate Post in RLZ. Although of philatelic origin this is a very important cv showing that the Mandate Post operated all the period simultaneously w/the Local Post; very light toning, f - vf

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Start: $500 Sold For: $950
Lot #: 55

THE LOCAL ISSUE: 40m local complete Perforated Sheet of 10 stps; u/m, a few gum faults on margins & few perf splits, pin point staple holes on the huge left margin from booklet, fine, Ba $1500

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Start: $600 Sold For: $850
Lot #: 56

40m local complete Imperforate Sheet of 10 stps; faint hinge traces on margins, vert light bend, stps u/m, f

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Start: $600 Sold For: $1,350
Lot #: 57

21 APR 1948 - Tel Aviv dispatch pmk tying 40m local stp pos. 5 to Very Rare commerc cv sent from "Al Hamishmar" newspaper in TLV to the RLZ agent of the newspaper; light toning, f - vf R. L. Zion GEM, certif Tsachor - Aloni

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Start: $2,000 Sold For: $5,250
Lot #: 58

THE TRANSITION PERIOD PAGE OF THE NACHLAT YEHUDA POSTMARKS LOGBOOK - Arrow 1 shows the Last Day of the Mandate Post Office 29 April 48 (notice that the postmaster signs in English). Then a long gap till 14 June 48 (see arrow 2), when the logbook is reintroduced by the Israeli Post. The Mandate handstamps are still used but with Hebrew signatures. Arrow 3 marks the introduction of the Israeli handstamps on 1 July 48; folded, vf & a Great Historic doc., illust. in the Emergency & Local Services p. 100

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Start: $1,800 Sold For: $4,725
Lot #: 59

NACHLAT YEHUDA FD - 40m local stp pos. 2 tied by the bilingual box cachet of Nachlat Yehuda to cv addr. to TLV, transit RLZ 20 APR 1948 on front & back, arr TLV pmk 21 APR 1948; vf & scarce, appx 20 cvs recorded, signed Tsachor

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Lot #: 60

26 APR 1948 RLZ pmk tying 40m local stp pos. 3 to cv addr. to Nachlat Yehuda, on back Nachlat Yehuda d.c. Mandate pmk dated 26 AP 48; very light toning o/w vf & most unusual to have this arrival pmk

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