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1948 JERUSALEM (incl. local issues, Menorah Club, Old City, Privileged Air Mail, Couriers, etc.)

Lot #: 41

28 JUNE 1948 "Egg" pmk vf strikes tying 65m D. Ivri stps (5+6x10m) to air mail cv to Chicago; roughly opened - part of flap missing, centerfolds, beautiful appearance, Provisional pmks on mail destined abroad are scarce

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Lot #: 42

2 Printed-Matter items each franked 3m D. Ivri: a) Jerus University Library pc to Kibbutz Ma'abarot by TLV, stp tied by vf "Egg" pmk 23 JUNE 1948, erroneously arrived in Bat Yam 25 JU 48 pmk on face, Redirected to the Kibbutz, Ma'abarot underlined; b) Newspaper Wrapper to Kibbutz Tirat Tsvi stp tied by large part "Egg" pmk 30 JUNE (1948); scattered light spots o/w vf (x2) & v. scarce

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Start: $350 Sold For: $350
Lot #: 43

LOCAL MAIL: Registered cv Liberation pmk - commerc cv #0123 of the H.P.O. locally mailed franked 25m D. Ivri stps (10+15m) tied by Liberation Provisional pmk, date unclear as all strikes after 25 June but can be taken from the registered items diary found at the H.P.O. - 29 June 48; vf, signed Tsachor

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Lot #: 44

4.7.1948 First Day of Jerusalem 4 Israeli trilingual pmk vf strike tying 10m 2nd Local Issue stp to commerc cv locally addressed + Proof Sheet of Israeli trilingual pmks incl. 6 devices for Jerusalem 1 to 6 signed by M. Rubel - the pmks manufacturer - Very Rare; cv w/vert centerfold & back flap tear but cpl & fine, Proof Sheet - vf, an unusual pair

Start: $500 Buy
Lot #: 45

14 JULY 1948 - Rubber dater instead of the metal date slug in the Israeli pmk JERUSALEM4 tying 10m D. Ivri stp to commerc cv locally mailed ex City Comm. to a Mea-Shearim store, as the original slugs for the 14 & 15 July did not arrive in the city this rubber device was used as of the afternoon of th 14; vf & Very Rare, only a handful of cvs recorded, signed Tsachor, certif Tsachor - Aloni, see JSPS p. 270 for a sister cv

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Start: $1,500 Sold For: $1,500


Lot #: 46

26 MAR 1948 superb strikes 3rd Slogan type A on front & back of cv addr. to TLV franked 10m Mandate stp tied by d.c. Mandate pmk QIRYAT HAIM 28 MR 48. On March 26 the boat was forced to land in the suburb of Qiryat Haim due to stormy weather & the mail was dispatched from this post office on 28 MR 48; vf, cv is stationery of "Shavei Zion", a settlement to the North of Nahariya, signed Tsachor

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Start: $500 Sold For: $500
Lot #: 47

Last Day of Use - 2 diff. Slogans both commerc cvs addr. to Haifa & franked 10m Mandate stp (#97): a) 4th Slogan 11 APR 1948 d.c. pmk HAIFA 13 AP 48; b) 5th Slogan 20 APR 1948 machine cancel HAIFA of 25 APR 1948; vf (x2)

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Start: $250 Sold For: $340
Lot #: 48

6th Slogan - posted in TEL-AVIV 5 MY 48 - Last Day British Post -2 commerc cvs both franked 10m Mandate & addr. to TLV: a) 23 APR 1948, sl. toning; b) 25 APR 1948 cv is imptd stationery of Shavei Zion a settlement to the North of Nahariya that was served by the Nahariya Post; a - fine, b - vf & signed Tsachor

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Start: $300 Sold For: $320
Lot #: 49

12 MAY 1948 - 7th Slogan type C tying 20m Emergency Post local stps (2x10m) to commerc regist large cv franked 50m M. Ha'am Technion stps (10m basic + 4x6m for 4 addit weight + 15m registration = 49m, 1m overfranked) tied by Nahariya M. Ha'am pmks repeated on back, Nahariya regist # 0930, mailed to Haifa; vf

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Start: $350 Sold For: $525
Lot #: 50

20 MAY 1948 - 7th Slogan type C tying 50m local Emergency Post stp to Registered cv addr. to Haifa franked 30m D. Ivri stps (2x15m - overfranked 5m) tied by Nahariya M. Ha'am pmk on the last day of use of this pmk, M. Ha'am cancel on D. Ivri stps possible only in Nahariya, Safed & Jerusalem; vf Last Day of the Emergency Nahariya Post

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