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1948 JERUSALEM (incl. local issues, Menorah Club, Old City, Privileged Air Mail, Couriers, etc.)

Lot #: 31

APO #5 - the large Provisional Rubber Military pmk dated 11 JUNE 1948 (11 inserted by hand), pmk known used until 17 June only, cv Flown to TLV, written by a soldier in Moriyah battalion of the Etzioni brigade Unit 212 cachet on face; horiz centerfold, fine flown cv, illust. in JSPS p. 139

[CV ]
Start: $250 Buy
Lot #: 32

COURIERS (incl. Flown): Courier cv Jerusalem (as per return address) to TLV franked 10m (2x5m) Koffer Hayishuv labels tied by Tel Aviv Black M. Ha'am pmk (in use 2 - 14 May); centerfold, roughly opened top o/w fine & Rare M. Ha'am pmk on a Courier cv from Jerusalem - early May so Flown, illust. in JSPS p. 170, Koffer Hayishuv labels were valid for postage during the M. Ha'am period

[CV ]
Start: $800 Buy
Lot #: 33

Courier cv to Haifa Flown to TLV franked 10m 1st Local Issue stp & 10m D. Ivri stp affixed in TLV to ensure delivery, all tied by TEL AVIV 24.5.1948 Israeli trilingual pmk; vert centerfold typical to courier cvs, roughly opened at right & toning, fine, illust. in JSPS p. 168, at the period when this cover was mailed Jerus was under complete land siege

[CV ]
Start: $400 Sold For: $725
Lot #: 34

Courier cv Jerus (as per return address) to Haifa franked 10m (2x5m) Koffer Hayishuv labels tied by TEL AVIV 17.6.1948 Israeli trilingual pmk, mailed by the courier in TLV before the Convoys period, Koffer Hayishuv labels were tolerated although demonetized as of 16.5.48; vert centerfold & light toning, fine & v. scarce

[CV ]
Start: $400 Sold For: $930
Lot #: 35

Courier cv Destined Abroad - air mail cv to Czechoslovakia, couriered from Jerusalem, franked & posted in Tel Aviv 40m D. Ivri stps (correct air mail rate) tied by TEL AVIV 23.6.1948 Israeli trilingual pmks; vert centerfold typical to courier cvs, light toning, fine, scarce courier, the 5m Roult. stp in the franking did not exist in Jerus, proving that this is a courier cv

[CV ]
Start: $1,000 Sold For: $2,900
Lot #: 36

INCOMING FLOWN Mail to Besieged Jerusalem - family corresp.v from TLV addr. to a soldier in Ma'ale Ha'chamisha (a kibbutz near Jerus), franked 10m M. Ha'am stp for domestic rate tied by Black M. Ha'am pmk of TLV (in use 5 - 14 May 48) Flown by Military plane to Jerusalem - clear strike of the ROSETTE M. Ha'am pmk of the Sorting Office in Jerusalem as Transit on front, the Rosette pmk is in its early stage of use May 20 - 23; vf & Very Rare as only 7 cvs recorded, illust. in JSPS p. 156/9, signed Tsachor, certif Muentz

[CV ]
Start: $2,000 Buy
Lot #: 37

Incoming Courier cv to Jerusalem, return address: Qiryat Haim (near Haifa), franked 10m D. Ivri stp tied by "Egg" pmk 28 JUNE 1948, the letter was dropped in a post box in Jerusalem; vert centerfold typical to courier cvs, few spots, fine & scarce

[CV ]
Start: $600 Buy
Lot #: 38

THE PROVISIONAL PMKS: Liberation Provis. pmk 21 JUNE 1948 First Day of use - 4 vf strikes tying 66m D. Ivri stps to cv addr. to New York (1m overfranked); f - vf & scarce Liberation FD pmk on mail destined abroad, nice 4 colors franking, certif Muentz

[CV ]
Start: $400 Buy
Lot #: 39

"Egg" pmk - 22 JUNE 1948 First Day of use vf strike tying 10m 2nd Local Issue stp to locally addr commerc cv ex M. Ha'am Income Tax Office, cachet on front; back flap tear but cpl, f - vf, signed Muentz & Tsachor

[CV ]
Start: $200 Buy
Lot #: 40

The "BEAM" Variety - vf strike of the "Egg" Provisional pmk 28 - 1948 not showing the month, known to exist on the 28 June & 4 July, tying 10m D. Ivri stp to commerc cv addr. to Zichron Ya'acov; top back flap off, light soiling & vert centerfold, a presentable Rare cv, due to the excellent quality of the "Beam" strike it was chosen to be illust. in JSPS p. 257

[CV ]
Start: $750 Sold For: $1,800