Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #43

The enclosed list of Prices Realized of our Nov. 2015 Auction again reveals another fine set of results, demonstrating a continuing strong and steady demand for better philately.
This our 43rd Auction is well balanced with many important offerings.
We start with the 2 Collections:
1948 DOAR IVRI – 5th part – Intrn. Large Gold
ISRAEL 1948 – Early Foreign Postal Links
Many specialties merit special attention, few of which are: Foreign Stamps, Turkish Forerunners, Palestine Stamps, 1948 Interim, Doar Ivri, 
1st P. Dues, 1948 1st Festivals, Dreyfus Affair, JNF issues, Zionist Congresses, Anti-Semitism and Holocaust mail & Coins and Banknotes.
All the specialties are listed in the detailed Table of Contents.
Please FAX your final bids to avoid delays. Bidders are requested to include their FAX and telephone numbers and/or email addresses on their bid sheets. 
For the convenience of our clients in the Metropolitan New York area 
Dr. Arthur Groten is available to accept bids and consignments by phone
845-471-4179 or e-mail
Consignments can also be submitted by Mr. Gary Theodore, office phone
732-229-5310, cell 732-996-0520 or e-mail,
 Fax: 732-229-4805
With all good and sincere wishes, 
YACOV TSACHOR  - Director & Philatelist
ZVI ALONI  - Philatelist

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Lot #: 652

1894 cv Wien to Berlin, D. Birenbaum to H. Loewe (a noted Zionist) stp on front off, arrival pmk in Berlin 1.1.94, cv sealed on back 2 Blue-Green circular serrated labels, David's Star in center & No. 1, also Hebrew letters "Mem-Tsadik" (Miflaga Zionit) & Latin "Z.P." (Zionist Party); peripheral creases, scattered toning o/w fine & Very Rare, 1 of 4 mailed cvs Recorded w/both types of labels, certif Muentz

[CV ]
Start: $220 Buy
Lot #: 653

1894 same corresp. as above lot frank 5kr stp (Mi 53) tied by WIEN 27.2.94 pmk Berlin arrival 28.2.94, cv sealed label in Red  details as above but No. 2 in center; light peripheral faults, fine & Very Rare, 1 of 4 Recorded cvs w/both types of labels, certif Muentz

[CV ]
Start: $400 Buy
Lot #: 654

Rare Zionist labels: a) "Z.P." (Zionist Party) circular (33mm diam.) serrated, value 2 on small cutout w/German pmk 12/1893 - Earliest known use of the very few labels recorded, in Red; b) As type a above, Value 3 in Blue, unused; c) Blue round (26mm diam.) serrated number 8 below a Magen David in center, unused; d) As type c above but number 16, unused; e) Blue rectangular (22x28mm) perf label No. 1 in center of Magen David on 10 Dec. 1894 Lemberg letter; f-g) 1897 Hansa - Breslau 1½ pf local stp for Jew. New Year Mi # E12: unused single + block of 4 - 2 stps u/m; f – vf (x5 items) valuable

[(*) C/O ]
Start: $300 Buy
Lot #: 655

THE ZIONIST CONGRESSES: 1897 The Congress in Basel, by Dr. Theodor Herzl, translated into Hebrew by Michael Berkovitz, Warsaw, published by "Achiassaf", 1897. Herzl's words about the Congress in Basel: "During the first three days of the month of Elul, a convention was held in Basel, and both supporters and opponents learned to appreciate its value - the Zionist Congress. The name 'Zionism' was almost unknown beforehand to the crowd...", 16 pages, 17.5cm; Fair condition, bound in a new binding

Start: $150 Buy
Lot #: 656

1898 - 2nd Zionist Congress - Basel -  Official ppc (Riemer fig. 3), used, stps off; light soiling, top left corner tear, fine & Rare

[PPC ]
Start: $250 Sold For: $250
Lot #: 657

1899 - 3rd Zionist Congress - Basel - Official pc (Riemer fig. 4), mailed during the Congress 8/1899 to Wien, stps off; light corner fold, vf & scarce

[PPC ]
Start: $350 Sold For: $350
Lot #: 658

1900 - 4th Zionist Congress London - Official Banquet invitation card ornamented by D. Willenberg, also depicting work in the Colony Rishon Le Zion, Golden edges, banquet to be held on 16 Aug 1900 - last day of the Congress; vf & Rare

Start: $600 Sold For: $600
Lot #: 659

1905 - 7th Zion. Congress Basel - Semi Official cancel vf strike ppc (Basel view) 27.VII.05 1st Day of the Congress, 10Rp Swiss stp to Karlsruhe arr pmk 28.7.05; f - vf, see Riemer fig. 12 for similar cancel

[PPC ]
Start: $140 Sold For: $140
Lot #: 660

1909 - 9th Zionist Congress Hamburg - Official ppc Riemer fig. 19, mailed during the Congress in Germany, Herzl JNF label added; 2 corners reinforced, fine

[PPC ]
Start: $140 Sold For: $430
Lot #: 661

1911 - 10th Zionist Congress – Basel - Official ppc  (Riemer fig. 27) sent during the Congress on 12.8.11 to Germany, 3 early JNF labels on message side; light toning, fine

[PPC ]
Start: $180 Sold For: $210