Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #42

Welcome to our 42nd Auction. The enclosed list of Prices Realized of our 41st Auction, held on November 26 2014, shows that it was a most successful sale with most areas selling well. There is a strong demand for good quality items.

We start this Auction with the 2 International Large Gold Collections:

ISRAEL 1948 – 1959 POSTAL HISTORY – 2nd part

1948 DOAR IVRI – 4th part


Of the many specialties offered, the following merit special attention:Turkish Forerunners, Palestine Stamps, 1948 Interim & Besieged Cities, Israel Postage Dues, Israel First Day Covers, JNF issues, Anti-Semitism & Holocaust mail culminating with Coins & Banknotes. All the specialties are listed in the detailed Table of Contents.


Please FAX your final bids to avoid delays. Bidders are requested to include their FAX and telephone numbers and/or email addresses on their bid sheets. For the convenience of our clients in the Metropolitan New York area Dr. Arthur Groten is available to accept bids and consignments by phone 845-471-4179 or


Consignments can also be submitted by Mr. Gary Theodore, office phone 732-229-5310, cell 732-996-0520 or e-mail,  Fax: 732-229-4805
With all good and sincere wishes,

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Lot #: 660

1460 letter in German from Prague by Jiri von Podebrad - King of Bohemia to the Burgomaster & Town Council of the town of Eger: The King will appreciate if they will see to it that several Jews from Nurnberg, returning from a wedding in Prague,  are well received and leave Eger well guarded; fine very early Judaica 

[CV ]
Start: $600 Buy
Lot #: 661

1634 - Letter, 2 pages, sent Sept. 13, 1634 from the Prague Headquarters of Don Balthasar de Marradas, Knight of the Order of St. John, general of the Czech Kingdom, to the Burgomaster of the town of Eger, declaring: "Salva guardia" - Protection of the Jewish Population of Eger (The 30 Year War, 1616-1648, was a threat to the Jewish population); fine & a scarce doc., full translation to German attached

[CV ]
Start: $600 Buy
Lot #: 662

1760 Uderzo to Venezia Ghetto - 2 pages folded letter sent from Uderzo to Anselmo Morini, a Jew in the Venetian Ghetto, established in 1516 & forced political & residence restrictions upon the Jews; light aging, fine

[CV ]
Start: $300 Sold For: $353
Lot #: 663

1760 Hamburg - German permit for dealing in Tobacco for the Jews Simon Meyer & Joseph Marcus, given by Adolph Friedrics Prince of Mecklenburg, 2 pages 1 w/his seal; fine

[DOC ]
Start: $150 Sold For: $150
Lot #: 664

1805 Travel Permit for the Jewess Eva Moses, Bergstadt - Germany, valid for 6 weeks, she is a Jewish Peddler wishes to peddle in Rundsberg, she is warned about all the regulations...; fine, cpl translation to English attached

[DOC ]
Start: $100 Sold For: $160
Lot #: 665

1808 Sprendlingen - France (Alsace) Passe-Port for the Jew Jacob Solomon (age 38) & his son Jacques Solomon, profession: Cantor of Hebrew Prayers - Chazan, he is 1.70m high, Black hair, Brown eyes, ordinary nose, oval face, etc., signed by the Mayor in the name of Napoleon; fine

[DOC ]
Start: $100 Sold For: $100
Lot #: 666

1876 Livorno,  Italy - a Song written by David Avraham Hai in the event of the inauguration of the Sepharadic Synagogue in Livorno, 4 printed pages in Hebrew & Italian; few stains, fine

[ ]
Start: $120 Buy
Lot #: 667

1898 PSST...! the Anti-Semitic French journal, Anti Zola & Dreyfus 1st year No. 1 - 5 Fevrier 1898 - 2nd year No. 84 –

9 Septembre 1899 the complete 84 issues, Images by Forain / Caran d'Ache, all bound in 1 volume, hard covers, 29x40cm; exceptionally vf condition

Start: $180 Sold For: $445
Lot #: 668

1899/1945 - 7 French publications: a) 1899 (25 Mai) "La Vie Illustree", No. 32 - the complete Alfred Dreyfus Affair (incl. Zola & all others) mostly in photos + some drawings, 31 pages; + 6 WWII: b) 1940 Societes Secretes - Maconnerie et Judaism; c+d) Le Cahier Jaune - nos. 3 & 4, Fev/Mars 1942; e) Bulletin de l'U.G.I.F. - Juil. 1943; f+g) Bulletin de Service Central des Deportes Israelites, nos. 3&4, Jan./Fev. 1945;

f - vf (x7)

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Start: $120 Sold For: $180
Lot #: 669

Pair of Bookends, Bronze, "Touro Synagogue 1763 Newport R.I.", depicting the synagogue building, height 10cm, width 12cm; vf

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Start: $100 Sold For: $100

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